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    I'm seeking a fully integrated system with PayPal Pro on-site SSL checkout, WP integration, and 3rd party support forum registration integration. I'm using Amember now, but am unhappy with the hacks I'm having to apply in order to get it working. Does/Will Memberwing do this?

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    Not right off the bat, but MemberWing-X source code is opened and it includes integration extension with InfusionSoft already. You may refer to it's source code as a guide.
    I expect more extensions will be added soon.
    Essentially if you'll write code that calls some script when successful payment is processed - you call MemberWing-X special function and it will do the rest.

    Latest MemberWing-X download is here.


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    Thanks for the reply.

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    Thanks for your posting. I read your posting. I am very like integeration system.

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