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Thread: Trying to understand how this works

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    Default Trying to understand how this works

    I am considering purchasing Memberwing. I've been researching and corresponding with different WorPress membership plugins for a while and think yours is one of the best.

    However, this is my confusion.

    The installation of this software --and practically every other membership plugin I've seen-- requires that I have WordPress installed in my server. (Am I correct so far?)

    Well, my server has a WordPress plugin through Fantastico. So I did my first step and installed it. The price to pay for doing this is that I have to start a new blog, because there is no way to automatically transfer the content from my old WordPress blog, which is at the Platform, to my server-hosted blog. Okay. I'm willing to do this. So far so good.

    But when I go to search for my new blog's name in the WordPress platform, it does not show up. It does not show up at the or platforms. This means that now I have a new blog that I have to create from scratch, but that does not have the SEO advantage of being in the WP platform. Meanwhile I would then have to keep my old blog to get traffic.

    This does not make sense to me. The idea of being in WP is to benefit from the SEO of its platforms.

    Am I missing some obvious information? Do I have this wrong?

    Can I install your software in the blog I have at the platform directly?

    If not and I understood the installation requirements, then:
    1. Is there a way to include my new hosted blog into the WP platform, or
    2. How do I increase my SEO to the new blog? Is it really worth it?


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    Installation and usage of Wordpress plugin (MemberWing and any other) requires self-hosted Wordpress to be installed on a website that you control. In other words you cannot install any plugins to the site hosted at is tightly controlled environment (not by you) and they won't allow any extra softwares to be installed by users.
    Self-hosted sites with Wordpress installed via CPanel are just fine. You have all the freedom to install and customize them as you wish.
    SEO advantage of is limited to blogs install on They of course may or may not be listed on Google as well.
    You may keep your old blog at and put in there links to your self-hosted, owned new site. requires you to comply with their TOS, be on short leash and be a good boy. Or else. Meaning your site could be shut down if they'll find you in violation of rules. Self-hosted sites are immune to that.
    If you want to build your brand and establish decent online presence - go with self-hosted blog.

    Again - i suggest to have 1 or more blogs to setup at that will be linked to your main site self-hosted on the environment that you control.


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    How do people actually "get into my computer"


    i have been hearing alot of people use this phrase and was just wondering how it is actually done for my own security purposes.

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    Which type of discussion going on i am totally confused...?

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