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Thread: Affiliate Tracking Percentage?

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    Default Affiliate Tracking Percentage?

    Hi Gleb,

    I use MWX integrated affiliate tracking for my own software sales.

    A potentially large affiliate wants to know some statistics about the percentage of orders that correctly track affiliate commissions.

    Apparently services like 1ShoppingCart fail to correctly track a large percentage of orders.

    My guess is that MWX is fairly accurate, but since some other services have researched and published this kind of statistics, I'm hoping you have some numbers to share.

    Best regards,
    Steve Holmes
    Steve Holmes, WordPress Software Developer

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    Hi Steve,

    Well, the only thing I can say is that it's a cookie-based tracking - something that every affiliate tracking software uses.
    So if cookies are cleared or user uses different browser - tracking may not work. I don't have any reliability stats.

    Although 100% reliable alternative is to make your affiliate to become your (possibly white label) reseller and process orders and payments himself from his website.


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