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Thread: MemberWing and Gleb, a great part of our community

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    Default MemberWing and Gleb, a great part of our community

    Anyone who is fortunate enough to come in contact with Gleb Esman and his MemberWing products should be grateful. The Soul Sword Zen Community owes a lot to his sensitivity and professionalism. He offered help to us years ago. We have been able to enjoy marvelous growth and the seamless functioning of his software., ever since. When help is needed it comes with a smiling spirit. I advise any organization looking to build its membership effortlessly to start here. Say, Kitabu Roshi (Roshi Vernon Kitabu Turner)sent you. Truly, you will be glad.

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    Thumbs up Gleb Esman and memberwing

    I am so impressed with Gelb Esman from Memberwing - if you have a wordpress site that has a membership section, his product is brilliant and his customer service is the best I have ever received. His email address is

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